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Supplier Growth Program


Cummins is committed to diversity to reflect the diversity of our customers in the communities in which we work and live.  We have established a supplier growth program and are committed to fostering business growth through outreach efforts and supplier growth. Our objectives are to help contribute to the overall economic growth and well-being of the communities in which we live and work by working alongside our diverse suppliers to establish strategic partnerships to nurture and expand our supply base and improve the communities.  Collaborating with diverse suppliers will enable us to improve their business effectiveness to meet the needs of Cummins Inc. while creating opportunities for suppliers to competitively seek contracts and business opportunities in the global marketplace. 


Companies who are certified diverse suppliers who have a good track record and offer quality products and services. This program is limited to ten seats per year.  Diverse suppliers invited to participate in this Supplier Growth Program are required to have a business plan, be financially stable and positioned for growth.


  • Business Development
  • Mentoring and Coaching 
  • Continuing Education via Supply Chain Academy
  • Resources and Support
  • RFP Scenario Workshops


We will review and analyze your business plan and outline objectives in a one on one session.  We will then proceed to make personalized recommendations and offer resources and action items. We have executives and processionals internally and externally who are equipped and prepared to partner with diverse suppliers and serve as coaches and mentors to ensure the objectives and actions items outlined during the initial process are met within the time allowed.


  1. Must be willing to share your business plans including any vulnerabilities.
  2. Must commit the time and resources to the growth process.
  3. Must be patient during the process.

For more information, please send an email of interest to [email protected].



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