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Cummins Supplier Connect

It is the policy of Cummins Inc. that opportunity shall be given to diverse businesses to participate as suppliers and contractors to Cummins Inc. in their area of expertise. In our effort to foster business growth through outreach efforts and supplier development, we are launching Supplier Connect. This is your one-stop resource to sign-up to receive the most up-to-date on going information and news on Cummins Diversity Procurement news. Below you will see some of the features. Sign-up and check back here often for updates and resources. To Join Supplier Connect fill out the form by click on below button.

Features of Cummins' Supplier Connect:

Stay up-to-date on the latest Cummins Supplier news and offerings when you join Supplier Connect. Share an idea, hear what other Suppliers are doing, and keep informed on industry news that affect your business. 

Cummins is committed to helping businesses prosper by providing procurement opportunities, educational resources, training and more. Check here often for new partnership opportunities, both from within Cummins Diversity Procurement and with our strategic partners.

Supplier Connect is your gateway to new and innovative business and training opportunities. Cummins’ topnotch programs support diverse suppliers to deliver high quality and innovative solutions. Receive early notifications on global Cummins Diversity Procurement events. Be the first to know when and where Supplier opportunities will arise.

Available to small business diversity suppliers, Cummins’ resources and education center provides a collection of educational resources and training modules.

  • Attend and/or watch online seminars and tutorials
  • Chat directly with the Cummins Diversity Procurement
  • Download white papers, case studies, and training documentation
  • Tap into our network of online Social tools and resources