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Terms and Reporting Requirements

Tier I Supplier - is a supplier that invoices Cummins for goods and services rendered directly by that supplier. For more information about becoming a Cummins Diverse Supplier please visit our diverse supplier portal.

Tier II Supplier - (referencing the CUSTOMER, Cummins perspective) Is a supplier that invoices the Tier I supplier for goods and services rendered.

Tier II Reporting Requirements - All non-diverse Tier I suppliers with US Sales over $3M are required to submit Tier II Diverse Spend to our Tier II Portal. Tier II spend, for both Direct and Indirect spend, must be reported no later than 45 days after the quarter closes in our online system.

  • Direct Spend Tier II Purchases are defined as Second Tier supplier products and services, which CAN be identified in support of Cummins requirements.
  • Indirect Tier II Purchases are defined as products and services, which CANNOT be identified in support of specific Cummins requirements (for example, office supplies, janitorial services).
  • Certifications - The Tier I supplier is responsible for verifying that their subcontractor(s) is a third party certified owned business. Certificates must be obtained for potential auditing purposes. The Tier I supplier is required to annually monitor the Diversity certification to ensure the diverse business classification has not changed.