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Sourcing Categories

Direct Categories
Adhesives ECM/ECU Heatshields Radiators (Cooling Systems)
Air Pumps Electric Low Pressure Fuel Pumps High Pressure Fuel Delivery Reman
Aluminum Hi-Pressure Die Castings Electrical Steel and Laminations Insulation & Mats Resins
Aluminum Non-High Pressure Die Castings Electromagnetic Assemblies Kitting Rotating Electrics
Battery Cells Electronic Service Tools Marine Components Seals/Gaskets
Bearings & Bushings Engine Braking Mechanical Service Tools Sensors
Blocks & Heads ERCV Motors Mechatronics Shafts & Bars
Camshafts External Engines Miscellaneous Hardware Shafts & Wheels
Canning Fabrications Nameplate, Label, Decal Shells
Catalysts/Substrates Fans Natural Gas Ignition Special Processes/Specialty Steel
Chemicals & Coolants Fasteners & Fittings Overhead Stampings/Fabrications
Clamps Fe Casting (Complex & Non-Complex Iron Castings) Peripherals Steel
Conductive Material Filtration Heaters Plastics Sub-Assemblies
Connecting Rods Filtration Media Powder Metal Tensioners
(Front End Accessory Drive)
Containers Fluid Pumps Power Cylinder Thermostats and Bypass Valves
Coolers (Heat Exchangers (EGR Coolers, etc) Fuel Injections Equipment Power Electricals - ATS Traction Motor Systems
Crankshafts Fuel Pumps (Low Pressure)  Power Electricals - Switchgear Tubes & Hoses
Dampers Fuel System Pumps
Precision Machining Turbochargers
Dipsticks and Fill Tubes Fuel System Rails Prewound Components Wire Mesh
Dosing - BOF Gears Prototypes Wiring Harness
Dosing - MIW Genset Housings (Formerly Enclosures & Containers) Purchased Finished Filters  
Indirect Categories
3PL (International Freight) & Ocean Freight External Engine Testing IT Software Real Estate & Construction
Air Freight Facilities Mangement Services Legal Service Providers Security Supplies & Services
Advisory Services Financial Service Providers  Machinery Telecommunication Services
Cutting Tools Vehicle (Fleet Management) Material Handling Equipment Trade Policy Providers
Domestic Transportation Providers Fuel Providers MRO & Chemicals Travel, Food Lodging & Entertainment
Engine Oil Healthcare (Health & Wellness) Packaging Utilities Environmental Services & Suppliers
Engineering Services IT Consulting & Outsourcing Paint Providers Warehousing Storage and Handling Services
Environmental Services & Supplies IT Hardware Quality and Laboratory Equipment Workforce Management and Development Services

2022 - 2024 Category Needs

Small and Medium (engine Block) Industrial Parts Washer for Morocco – 1 needed 


Engine Roll Over stands – QSK and K engines that ranges between 19 to 60 liters for Morocco – 4 needed 


Waste compactor Press and oil\filter crusher for Morocco – 1 needed 


Hot Acid Dip tank cleaning system for Morocco – 1 needed 


Bead Blaster with extraction cleaning machine for Morocco – 1 needed 


China ABO Uniform Consolidation 

Facility Services 

China ABO Warehouse (AFM) 


China ABO Training Vendor 


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